There are several ways to help DATTES development:


We decided to open DATTES to everyone because we are convinced that it can really help other people to get the maximum of their experiments’ data.

DATTES is the result of working on data from lots of battery experiments on different cyclers (Arbin, Bitrode, Biologic) from 2015 to now.

Currently DATTES works on linux (all features on MATLAB, almost all features on GNU Octave), it also works on Windows (mainly MATLAB, GNU Octave needs some progress).

We hope that if you use DATTES on your system with your data you will get interesting results fast. At least, with no need to redevelop the wheel.

If you encounter problems when using DATTES (cycler compatibility, feature not working on your system, etc.), please ask for help!

Open an issue on gitlab, explain your problem and we all can search for a solution.

If opening an issue is still too intimidating for you, you can also ask for help at the following e-mail address:

Sharing DATTES

We ❤️ DATTES. If you love DATTES too, make others to know about it!

  • Give a star to the gitlab repository
  • Share this website on your favorite social network
  • Talk about DATTES at your coffee time
  • Share DATTES code (or a part)

DATTES is FOSS (Free Open Source Software), and it is licensed under GNU GPL v3, you can then freely:

  • use it
  • inspect it
  • modify it
  • share it


If you use DATTES in your work, please cite our paper :

Redondo-Iglesias, E. (2017). Étude du vieillissement des batteries lithium-ion dans les applications” véhicule électrique”: combinaison des effets de vieillissement calendaire et de cyclage (Doctoral dissertation, Université de Lyon).

You can use the bibtex :

  title={{\'E}tude du vieillissement des batteries lithium-ion dans les applications" v{\'e}hicule {\'e}lectrique": combinaison des effets de vieillissement calendaire et de cyclage},
  author={Redondo Iglesias, Eduardo},
  school={Universit{\'e} de Lyon}

Documenting DATTES

There are three possible contibutions for documentation:

  • Documentation pages on this website:
  • Examples and use cases:
    • if you are using DATTES and you have some useful examples, they are also welcome
  • MATLAB help:
    • if you find MATLAB help could be improved, check the following section to contribute in the same way as a coder

Developing DATTES

If your are a developer, please check code contribution guidelines