DATTES 22.06 Release!

The first official release of DATTES have been released on 2022-06-22 : Link Release highlights: Full migration from old project named RPT (Reference Performance Tests) Code review: English translation (variable and function names, help in functions) Coding style (snake_case) Added documentation on each file (MATLAB help comments) Result restructuring on single structure (one single result file) Tests on following environments: Linux (ubuntu 20.04) + MATLAB (R2021a) Linux (ubuntu 20. [Read More]

EVS35-New conference paper !

A new paper using DATTES have been published for EVS35 conference. The article is entitled " Second Life Batteries in a Mobile Charging Station: Model Based Performance Assessment”. Authors are Marwan Hassini, Eduardo Redondo-Iglesias , Pascal Venet, Sylvain Gillet and Younes Zitouni. The publication is available here : https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/hal-03708744 The experimental data are available here : https://data.univ-gustave-eiffel.fr/dataverse/second_life_batteries And the datapaper describing this dataset is available here : https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/hal-03713844 DATTES release used for this article : DATTES 22. [Read More]

DATTES is out !

Good news! The first official release of DATTES is now out ! After finalizing some improvement on code quality including checking coding style, reviewing code documentation and unit testing of all general functionalities, we have decided to release the first DATTES version. This DATTES version works perfectly fine under MATLAB/linux environment and have been used in this recent publication. In a MATLAB/windows or in an Octave environment, you can already use most DATTES features including : [Read More]

VEHLIB is open-source

VEHLIB software is another software developped by the Eco7 team.

It is an hybrid vehicle simulation tool based on a block diagram description associated with principles from Bond-Graph theory.

A Backward approach proposes energy management strategy based on DP and PMP principles.

VEHLIB is available on gitlab : https://gitlab.univ-eiffel.fr/eco7/vehlib

Site creation

The first version of this website have been made and published.